Basket weaving: a beginner’s tutorial

This simple project is based on a basket weaving technique that I learned several years ago during a school camp, ‘Camp Coorong‘, where two Ngarrindjeri women demonstrated their traditional weaving style. The Ngarrindjeri are the Aboriginal people of the lower Murray River, western Fleurieu Peninsula and the Coorong in South Australia.

Small round basket in bright yellow and whiteTraditionally, the baskets are woven out of lengths of dried freshwater rushes. Here, I’ve borrowed the same technique but used bright nylon cording for the body of the basket and cotton crochet thread to weave. This makes for a malleable, squishy little basket, perfect for keeping earrings and trinkets in check. Experiment with materials — try undyed raffia for a more traditional look, or thin plastic tubing for something modern that holds its shape. Don’t limit yourself to what they have on the shelves of your local craft shop, either — two dollar shops and hardware stores often have a range of strong cords and twine in bright colours. Continue to tutorial